Thursday, May 13, 2010

Donating Books

Since no one has expressed an interest in my books, I will be donating them to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington, DC. It's going to take a few trips, because there's a rather large amount of books sitting in my living room waiting to be taken away, but in the end it should be worth it. Already my bookshelves have lost that "about to collapse" look and now look more inviting to the beginning browser. I've also been playing with the idea of buying a Nook or other eReader. Does anyone have any suggestions on which one to buy?

That way I can load some of the romance novels and other fluff on my bookshelves into the eReader, and get rid of the actual books. Much easier to cart around in my purse too. I'll never get rid of the books by my favorite authors, or some of our reference books, but I don't feel any particular connection to books in general. I just like having them there if I want to reread one of them. Hence why the nook would be a perfect space saver.

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