Quilty Bucket List

Here is my quilty bucket list (sorry, it's a bit picture heavy):

1) Rainbow Quilt: I love color, and I love lots of colors in one quilt, it's surprising that I haven't made one yet.
2) String Quilt: I love the look of string quilts, but I usually cut my scraps into squares, so there aren't many scraps to be turned into strings. I'm working on it though. I especially would love to make a spiderweb quilt.
3) Selvage Quilt: I've been hoarding my selvages for almost two years now and it's about time I do something with them.
4) All Solids Quilt: I am thinking either the Burgoyne Surround quilt, the Perkiomen Daydream by Bonnie Hunter, but with solids, or the Totally Groovy Quilt by Carolina Patchworks.
5) Memory/Journal Quilt: I am currently working on a DWR and an Octagonal Block variation, but I'm falling behind in making those pieces for each quilt I've completed.
6) Kate Spain Quilt(s): I have every one of her lines now, three FQ bundles (Verna, Central Park, and Serenade), one Layer Cake (Sunshine), one Jelly Roll (Horizon) and many Charm Packs. I want to make a Belle Waves Quilt by Faith Jones out of one of them, and I'm leaning towards Verna, but still need to figure out what background solid to use. I also want to make a house quilt using either the Christmas line Charm Packs. The "regular" line Charm Packs have been unwrapped, sorted, and will become a rainbow quilt.
7) A Paper-Pieced Theme Quilt: I am leaning towards Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. Fandom in Stitches has some great patterns, including Princess Bride, Dr. Who (although I'm not a Whovian), Disney Princesses, etc.

Disclaimer: none of the images above are mine (except the Memory/Journal quilt images), so if you have an issue with me using one of yours, please contact me and I'll take it down.

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